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Create a QR Code (QRickit) - Business/Professional Contact Info (vCARD)
All fields are optional except for First Name (you don't have to use your real name)

TIP: Create several QRickits with different contact info. For example, make a QRickit with only your first name (or nickname) and Facebook URL. Make another QRickit with more contact details, and so on. Save the QRickits to your smartphone (i.e. photo album, files). Now when someone asks you for your contact info you can open the appropriate QRickit on your smartphone and ask the person to scan it with their smartphone. By making several QRickits with different contact info you can choose what kind of contact info you want to share with that person according to the situation. Remember to add a footer text to your QRickits so you can easily identify them.

When scanned, mobile users can add the following contact info (vCARD):
*You can download the QR Code image to print on your business cards too!

NOTE: Please only fill in necessary information as the more information you add, the larger the QR Code image becomes - making it more difficult to be scanned and read properly by QR Code readers. Please test with several popular QR Code readers before distributing it. If it is difficult to read, then remove some of the data. Note that some lower quality or older QR Code readers may not be able to read vCard QR Codes properly.
Type of Data Enter Your Data Examples / Comments
First Name: *required Jane
Last Name: Jones
Nickname: J.J.
Organization/Company: QRickit Unlimited
Position/Role: President
Email: jane@QRickit.com
MOBILE TEL: Use numbers only 5551231234
WORK TEL: Use numbers only 5551231234
HOME TEL: Use numbers only 5551231234
WORK FAX: Use numbers only 5551231234
HOME FAX: Use numbers only 5551231234
WORK Address:

Street: (include Suite/Unit/Apt No.)



Zip/Postal Code
HOME Address: Street: (include Suite/Unit/Apt No.)
Zip/Postal Code
Web/Mobile Site URL: www.QRickit.com
Short Note/Memo: Best to call in the morning.
OPTIONAL: If you enter text it will be added to the footer of the QR Code image.
Optional Text:
About 10-35 characters
*max. depends on image size
*20px iis added to image size
Any Text
Scan Me!
More Info
Company Name
Reference Number
Text Color:
black (default)
OPTIONAL: QR Code Image Type, Size and Colors
Type of image file:

gif (default)

Size of image: px (pixels) Min. 80x80px square
Max. 850x850px square
*includes margin
*optional text adds 20px
QR Code color:
black (default)
Background color:
white (default)

When you are ready to meet your QRickit, click "QReate". You will have the option to download the image, download a high resolution
version for graphic design and high-quality printing, or print it out on a flyer/poster/sign using your home or office printer.


Your data and QR Code are never saved or transmitted to anyone.
This program just uses your data once to generate a QR Code online in realtime.
If you are on a public computer, remember to clear the history and cache when done.

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