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QR Code Marketing

QR Codes are used in marketing to bridge offline media and online mobile media. Traditional print and other media formats (i.e. internet, TV or video ads) can be used more effectively by simply displaying a QR Code. In other words, you are no longer limited by your ad space or time. You can turn a tiny print ad or sticker into a mobile video, online shop and more.

"QR Code Marketing" can refer to a strategy or specific plan that involves the development and use of QR Codes and mobile content to accomplish certain goals, such as to increase sales or brand awareness, or to support business and customers. QR Codes are simply used to deploy or deliver the mobile content to the mobile devices of intended users. Since the mobile content is the most important and what the user will eventually interact with, "mobile marketing" is probably a better term. Click here too see examples of QR Codes and "mobile marketing".

Some "QR Code with Mobile Marketing" Examples:

  • Displaying a QR Code on your website (large screen version) that can help mobile users easily locate your office/shop and add you to their address book.
  • Posting a mobile coupon online and then displaying the related QR Code in your flyer. People who scan the QR Code can redeem the coupon when ordering.
  • Displaying a QR Code to help mobile users quickly check-in to your website (or Facebook, Twitter, etc.) for specials.
  • McDonald's prints QR Codes on their packaging and tray liners. Customers can scan the QR Code to get nutritional information and other restaurant news. Restuarants can print QR Codes in their menus to provide ingredients and nutritional info.
  • Real estate sign with a QR Code which links to a video tour, photos and details of the house for sale. See video example.
  • Catalogs, in-store signs and outdoor stickers (i.e. on cars in dealership) with QR Codes that provide product details and demonstration videos.
  • Band posters with QR Codes that link directly to their website, Spotify, Apple Music or other music platform, YouTube channel, or show schedule and map.
  • Street posters/banners (i.e. pop-up shops) showing product images and QR Codes to help commuters/pedestrians shop online. See video example of this virtual QR Code store.

Watch videos and read more about QR Codes and mobile marketing at the QRickit Blog. As a business owner, manager, director or entrepreneur you can see how to use mobile content and QR Codes to benefit your business. As a graphic designer, mobile content developer, printer, consultant or marketer, you can get ideas on how to use QR Codes to offer more value-added services to your clients.

Sample flyer with QR Code

QR Codes help connect consumers to your online content.

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QR Codes and Music Marketing
QRickit QR Code and Music Marketing

One of the most common uses for QR Codes is music marketing. In Japan, more than 90% of all digital music is accessed via mobile phone. Today, more and more people buy, download and listen to music on their mobile devices. Bands and labels use QR Codes to deliver music, video, news, and to connect with music fans.

Consumers can simply scan a QR Code and instantly open Spotify (or other music app) to listen to music or YouTube to watch music videos. QR Codes allow fans to easily access content, such as the band bio,music, videos, social media, photos, show schedule, contact info, fan club, news, and shops for merch.

If you are a band or label, use the QRickit QR Code Creator to make a QR Code that brings people to your content. Create and print flyers to post everywhere. Don't forget to give your QR Code to press people so they can include it with articles and interviews. Display your QRickit in all your marketing materials.

Need a high-resolution QR Code image for printing on packaging, posters, t-shirts, etc.?— No problem. Use the free QRickit Hi Res QR Code Creator.

Click on QReatvie Ideas for examples and ideas to promote your music using QR Codes.

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