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QR Code Tracking

  • How many people scanned/used my QR Code(s)?
  • How can I find out where people scanned my QR Code (i.e. Geotagging)?
  • How do I track my QR Code(s)?
  • I want to display my QR Code in multiple places, such as a website, business card, magazine ad, newspaper ad, billboard, flyer, etc. and I want to know, analyze and compare the stats for the QR Codes on each type of media?
  • I want to set up and track QR Code campaigns. How do I do that?

QUICK & EASY SOLUTION: Get a short URL with statistics (URL tracking) from a short link management service (Get Short URL). Then use the short URL to create your QRickit QR Code here. The link management service often provides a way for you to view statistics for the short URL (when someone scans your QR Code and opens the URL it is the same as a click on your URL).

If you wish to track a QR Code displayed in several places, you can get multiple short URL's that point to the same long URL (i.e. get one short URL for the QR Code on your flyer, another one for the QR Code on your magazine ad, another one for the QR Code on your business card, and so on). You can identify which QR Code was scanned by the short URL.

*Some URL shortening services allow you to make only 1 short URL per long URL. If you want to make more than 1 short URL for the long URL you can get around this by appending something to the end of the long URL which makes the long URL unique but does not affect it. For example: https://qrickit.com/index.html?id=1, https://qrickit.com/index.html?id=2, etc. By appending ?id=# it makes the long URL unique but it will always lead to https://qrickit.com/index.html.

NOTE: You can only track QR Codes with URL data because you are actually tracking the URL. The QR Code is basically a link in the form of a 2D barcode. When it is scanned and the user chooses to open the link on their device it is, in effect, the same as clicking on a link.

ADVANCED SOLUTION: Similar idea to above, but instead of using short URL's, use both Google Analytics and Google URL Builder to tag your links and track campaigns. A Google Analytics account is required for this.

*In effect, you are tracking the QR Code by tracking the unique URL associated with the QR Code.

Example: How to use multiple QR Codes, Google URL Builder and Google Analytics to track QR Codes (campaigns).

The QR Codes on the right each direct users to a URL which has been tagged (the actual landing page remains the same for all). The URL's can be made using a free URL shortening service or Google URL Builder. (Google URL Builder was used for this example.)

QR Code 1 can be displayed on your website.
QR Code 2 can be displayed on your newspaper ad.
QR Code 3 can be displayed on your billboard.
QR Code 4 can be displayed on your flyer.

To track the QR Codes, we track its related URL. Google Analytics can tell you the type of mobile phone used, the mobile carrier, the city/region, and other stats for each URL (campaign) associated with the QR Code.

*Tip: Since you can't really tell what data a QR Code holds unless you scan it with your mobile phone, you can print a reference number or label near or on the QR Code when using multiple QR Codes so you don't mix them up. (The QR Code Creators here allow you to add a label, reference number or any text in the footer of the QR Code image.)

You can also track QRickit QR Codes with contact info data (i.e. vCards). Please see the QRickit blog to see how and for more tips.

The great thing is that you can use Google URL Builder and Google Analytics for free!

QR Code Tracking Example

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