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*If you cannot find the answer in this website or at my blog, please use the inquiry form below for your questions.

My designer/printing company needs a high resolution image file of the QR Code.
Use the free QRickit QR Code Creator to make your QR Code. You can select to download a high resolution 2400x2400 pixel png or 300 dpi jpeg image file of your QR Code.

How do I track my QR Codes? How can I find out how many times my QR code was scanned? How can I find out where people scanned my QR Code (i.e. Geotagging)?
Please click here for answer.

Do the QR Codes created by QRickit have an expiration date or time limit?
No. The QR Codes generated using the QRickit QR Code Creators, QRickit API and QRickit Widget do not have time expirations or limits on them. The QRickit QR Code image is simply a graphical representation of whatever data you entered. A QR Code reader app installed on a handheld device (i.e. smartphone or tablet) is then used to scan and translate the image back to its original data. *QRickit does not modify your original data when generating QR Codes.

Some "QR Code" companies charge you a monthly/annual fee to use their "QR Codes" although QR Codes are free to make and use forever. These companies are, in fact, charging you to use their own URLs and the tracking (i.e. statistics) and management (i.e. redirection) of those URLs. They have so-called expiration dates because they want you to continue paying for using their service. It is not the expiration of the QR Code, but the expiration of your service. These companies can be convenient for most people.

What is the error correction level of the QR Codes created by QRickit? (This is for technical minds)
The default error correction level is set to medium (i.e. parameter e = M)..

L = Low (7% error correction)
M = Medium (15% error correction)
Q = Quartile (25% error correction)
H = High
(30% error correction)

The "error correction level" or "e" parameter means that the QR Code can still be readable even if it is damaged (or hidden/covered). So if you set the "e" to L (Low 7%) the QR Code will still be readable if 7% of it is damaged. If you set the "e" parameter to H (High 30%) that means you can cover (i.e. damage/hide) about 30% of the QR Code and it would still be readable. However, the higher the "e" the less data the QR Code can store. If you have a lot of data, then you may have to set the "e" to Low for your QR Code to work. If you have only a little data, then you can set the "e" to High. The QRickit QR Code Creators are by default set to an error correction of 15% (Medium) which is sufficient for most cases.

* Only the QRickit QR Code Creator for URL is set to a default error correction of 30% (High) since some people like to customize this type of QR Code with their logo or other design. Theoretically, you can cover (not the corners though) up to 30% of the QR Code with your own logo/image and it will still be readable.

Can I change the QR Code or its data later?
The QRickit QR Code image is simply a graphical representation of whatever data you entered. If your data changes then you need to create a new QR Code.

* About URL Redirection (i.e. your URL data changes and you do not want to create/use a new QR Code)
You can use auto redirect (i.e. URL forwarding). Ask your URL/web provider to set this for you. Or you can put 1 line of HTML code in your webpage to automatically redirect to another URL.

Here is the line of HTML code you put in the <HEAD> section of your web page to make it automatically redirect to another URL:
<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="1;URL=https://the_url_you_want_to_redirect_to.com">

How do I make a custom QR Code?
You can cutomize the size, color, background color, and footer text when using the QRickit QR Code Creators..

If you want to add a logo/image or further modify the QR Code image, first download a high res version of it. Then you can use almost any graphic editing software (i.e. Photoshop) to change the colors or add small things on top of or around the QR Code. If you (or your graphic designer) are fairly creative, you can even come up with ways to place the QR Code inside your logo or image instead of the other way around! Just make sure you test your final image with your mobile phone to see if the QR Code still works after your changes.

When creating a QR Code, it should be set with a high error correction rate (i.e. the "e" parameter). A higher "e" parameter means that the QR Code can still be readable if a higher percentage of it is damaged (or hidden/covered). So if you set the "e" parameter to 30% (the max) that means you can cover (i.e. destroy) about 30% of the QR Code with your logo/image on top and it could still be readable. The QRickit QR Code Creator for URL is by default set to an error correction of 30% (High). Work on a trial and error basis and always keep testing your QR Code to see if it still can be read whenever you modify it. You should also not cover or alter the 4 corners (i.e. the "eyes"). Customization works best when the QR Code data is very short/small, such as a URL (a shortened URL is even better).

I need to create and manage hundreds or thousands of QR Codes for manufacturing, inventory or other industrial or large scale applications.
If you already have a product/order barcode management and printing system for your company, please contact your supplier. Most major suppliers now have solutions to integrate QR Codes (2-dimensional barcodes) into your system. Denso Wave is the inventor of the QR Code and also offers solutions for manufacturing, inventory and other applications.

I need dedicated software to generate and print labels with QR Codes.
See the software Barcode Studio for generating and printing QR Codes.

I have my own website, blog or webpage and want users to be able to create QR Codes there.
Please use the free QRickit Widget.

I have my own website and want to dynamically generate and display QR Codes on my web pages.
QRickit offers a free version QR Code API (web service) which allows you to dynamically generate and display QR Codes on your own web pages (as well as in HTML email and other online apps) using simple HTML code. See the QRickit QR Code API Guide.
This API version is free for personal and small to medium scale business use. Please click here to use the paid API version to generate QR Codes without the QRickit logo and if you need to generate 10,000 or more QR Codes per day.

I want to customize/remove the header and footer text in the QR Codes I generate using the QRickit QR Code API.
QRickit offers a free version QR Code API (web service) which displays the QRickit logo in the header or footer of the QR Code image generated. See the QRickit QR Code API Guide to learn how to modify the header and footer text. If you want to remove the QRickit logo, please
click here to use the paid API version.

How do I get a web/mobile site? If you have basic computer and graphic editing skills you can make one yourself. You can use the web builder applications offered by many web hosting companies for people with no or little web programming experience - such as WordPress, Wix, Godaddy, etc. You can also contact your local web site designer to make one for you.

Instead of a web/mobile site, your QRickit can lead people to a YouTube video/playlist/channel, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, blog, Apple Music product page, Amazon product page, Spotify artist/album/track/playlist, etc. - anything that has a URL.

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