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Create a QR Code (QRickit) - Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrency

When scanned with a compatible cryptocurrency wallet app, the user can send (i.e. pay) cryptocurrency to the specified cryptocurrency wallet address.
A cryptocurrency wallet is required to accept payments in cryptocurrency. User requires a QR-Code supported cryptocurrency wallet app to scan.
Type of DataEnter Your DataExample
Wallet Address
Copy the public wallet address here. Ensure it is the correct address, otherwise funds will not be sent to the intended wallet or will be lost. Note that wallet addresses are cryptocurrency specific, so Bitcoin can only be sent to a Bitcoin wallet, Ethereum only to an Ethereum wallet, etc.
* Never include private keys or seeds.
Select the cryptocurrency of the wallet above. Ensure it is the correct cryptocurrency for the specified wallet, otherwise the funds will be lost. Note that addresses are cryptocurrency specific, so Bitcoin can only be sent to a Bitcoin wallet, Ethereum only to an Ethereum wallet, etc.
Amount Optional (if left blank, the user can freely enter the amount to send)
Use numbers and decimal point only.
Recipient/Label Optional
The recipient (i.e. where or to whom the amount is being sent to)
Bob's Cafe
My Shop
John Doe
Message/Description Optional
Pay at Bob's Cafe with Bitcoin
Send Me ETH
Buy this with Bitcoin
OPTIONAL: If you enter text it will be added to the footer of the QR Code image.
Optional Text:
About 10-35 characters
*max. depends on image size
*20px iis added to image size
Any Text
Donate Bitcoin
Buy with Bitcoin
Pay with Crypto
Price: 0.005 ETH
A Reference Number
15N3yGu3UFABCDEFG5sS3aRFRzu5Ae7EL (i.e. public wallet address)
Text Color:
black (default)
OPTIONAL: QR Code Image Type, Size and Colors
Type of image file:

gif (default)

Size of image: px (pixels) Min. 80x80px square
Max. 850x850px square
*includes margin
*optional text adds 20px
QR Code color:
black (default)
Background color:
white (default)

When you are ready to meet your QRickit, click "QReate". You will have the option to download the image, download a high resolution
version for graphic design and high-quality printing, or print it out on a flyer/poster/sign using your home or office printer.


Your data and QR Code are never saved or transmitted to anyone.
This program just uses your data once to generate a QR Code online in realtime.
If you are on a public computer, remember to clear the history and cache when done.

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