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QRickit QR Code API

Dynamically generate and display QRickit QR Codes on your web pages

The QRickit QR Code API (web service) allows you to dynamically generate and display QR Codes on your web/mobile pages. The API is free for personal and commercial use (though we reserve the right to restrict excessively high volume API requests). Please contact QRickit beforehand if you expect to regularly have over 10,000 API requests per day. QR Code images generated are intended for computer/device screens and home-quality printing (96 dpi only). To generate a high-res QR Code, use the QRickit QR Code Creators, not this API..

If you use this free service, QRickit would be happy if you link to and recommend QRickit to your users, friends and colleagues. QRickit wants to know if you are using it and your feedback. Please click here to tell QRickit. You can also follow, share and comment at the QRickit blog, Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. You can also make a donation below to help QRickit continue to provide this free web service.

This free service is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. QRickit and its developers, staff, owners, executives, and partners are not responsible for any loss or damage incurred through the use of this free service. The functionality and/or uninterrupted availability of this free service is not guaranteed. QRickit reserves the right to reject API requests, especially in regards to abuse or malicious use.

How to Use the QRickit API

Basic format of GET request:

Instructions: Use HTML <img> tag like example below wherever you want the QRickit QR Code(s) to appear in your web page.

<img src="

The above HTML example produces the following image (png file type):

Data: only "d" (highlighted in red) is required. This is the data to be embedded into the QR Code.

Example: d=http://anyurl (when scanned, mobile users can go to any URL you specify)
Example: d=anytext (when scanned, mobile users can read your text message)
Example: d=TEL:5551231234 (when scanned, mobile users can add your TEL# to their contacts and dial number)
Example: (when scanned, mobile users can add your EMAIL address to their contacts and send email)
Example: d=SMSTO:5551231234:anytext (when scanned, mobile users can add your SMS# to their contacts and send SMS message)
Example: d=<?php echo urlencode($yourdata);?> (example using PHP to specify "d")

*If you have trouble with special characters try to url encode your data (or url decode it). (online url encoder) (online url decoder)
*Remember to use "?" before first parameter.
*It is best to keep the data short. If possible use a URL shortener like, especially if your URL is over 100 characters long.
*For tips on using the right URL data click here.

Below are optional parameters for customization of footer text, colors, size, file type, etc.

Footer Text: addtext=Any text about 15 to 60 characters maximum depending on the size of your QR Code. Text can be urlencoded to avoid problems with special characters. Double-byte characters, such as Japanese, or other than 8-bit characters are not compatible. (online urlencoder)
Example: addtext=<?php echo urlencode($yourtext);?>

Footer Text Color: txtcolor=The color of your footer text expressed in HTML Hex# (i.e. FFFFFF for white, 000000 for black, etc.). If nothing is specified, the default is black (000000).
(click icon to find the HTML Hex# for your color)

QR Code Color: fgdcolor=The color of your QR Code expressed in HTML Hex# (i.e. FFFFFF for white, 000000 for black, etc.). If nothing is specified, the default is black (000000).
(click icon to find the HTML Hex# for your color)

Background Color: bgdcolor=The color of the background expressed in HTML Hex# (i.e. FFFFFF for white, 000000 for black, etc.). If nothing is specified, the default is white (FFFFFF).
(click icon to find the HTML Hex# for your color)

Image Size: qrsize=The image size expressed in pixels for one side only. Since it is square you don't have to specify the other side. Only numbers from 70 to 1480 inclusive are valid. If nothing is specified, the default is 150 (i.e. an image with a width of 150 pixels and a height of 150 pixels).

Image File Type: t=The type of image file to generate. The choices are PNG, JPEG or GIF file types represented as p, j and g respectively. If nothing is specified, the default is a PNG file type.
t=p (for PNG file type)
Example: t=j (for JPEG file type)
Example: t=g (for GIF file type)

Error Correction: e=The level of error correction capability. The choices are Level L (Low) 7%, Level M (Medium) 15%, Level Q (Quartile) 25%, and Level H (High) 30% represented as l, m, q, and h respectively. If nothing is specified, the default error correction level is M (Medium).
e=l (Low)
Example: e=m (Medium)
e=q (Quartile)
e=h (High)

*Remember to use "&" before each optional parameter.
*If you customize the colors, test to see that your color combinations are compatible with QR Code readers. There should be enough contrast between the background and QR Code colors.

If you find QRickit useful, please make a donation so QRickit can continue to provide this free public web service.

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